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Citrus and fruit trees


Zululand Nurseries started producing Citrus trees in 1986 and we have been ever since. We have always fallen under the rules and guidance Citrus Research Institute (CRI) and to date we have never used any propagation material from any other external source. Our citrus trees are grown on raised concrete slabs to eliminate soil borne diseases and a quality management system keeps them healthy.

There are many cultivars and rootstocks available so long term planning is essential.

A recent decision to place all citrus trees under plastic for optimal growing conditions is underway.Eshowe’s rainfall can be detrimental to growth during the summer months.


We grow clonally produced Banana seedlings that are purchased from tissue culture labs. These are planted into 2L bags and grown to a height of 500mm and then hardened in the sun for 3 weeks so they are field transplant. We also have the option of hardening these in large volume seedlings trays.


Seedlings are grown in large volume seedling trays and hardened to be planted straight into the field. These are also available in bags.

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