12 Steele Street, Eshowe, 3815
Tel: +27 35 474 2666 / 4164
Premicell: +27 82 612 6180 | Fax: +27 35 474 4164
Email: info@zne.co.za

Zululand Nurseries – quality seedlings

Started in 1984 by Hugh Chittenden with the aim of producing Timber seedlings for the Timber industry.

Since then Zululand Nurseries has grown into a 30 million seedlings per year seedling nursery supplying the timber, vegetable and bedding transplant industry with wholesale and retail seedlings.

Situated on outskirts of Eshowe, a rural town in the heartland of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Zululand Nurseries has the benefits of a warm, temperate climate with mild winters allowing for growth 12 months of the year.

Zululand Nurseries is run by Gareth Chittenden with the assistance of a management team. A Practical, hands on approach in the production of quality seedlings has been the recipe for our success since day1.

Zululand Nurseries has the benefit of a 70 strong labor force comprised 90% of Local Zulu women. They are by far the leaders of subsistence farming in Africa so their understanding of seeds turning into food far out ways any horticultural degree.