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Vegetable seedlings are our primary crop at Zululand Nurseries comprising of 60% of our total annual sales. These are produced in model 200 seedling trays.

Being a certified seedling nursery only seed that has been distributed by accredited vegetable seed merchants is sown. This is to ensure good traceability from where the seed is produced through to the end market. 

We supply to both rural and commercial vegetable farmers throughout Zululand and KZN. We plant on a speculation basis for 12 months of the year with our busiest months being March, April and May. This differs slightly from the inland cooler regions where vegetables are mainly produced in the summer months.

For commercial vegetable plantings, we plant on an orders only basis to try and cater for the farmers exact needs. Climate, season, soil type and market are taken into consideration to give the farmer the right product.

The following are grown on a regular basis with lead growing times.

Cultivars Winter Summer
Brassicas (Cabbage Family) 7 weeks 5 weeks
Tomatoes 7 weeks 5 weeks
Lettuce 6 weeks 4 weeks
Spinach 6 weeks 4 weeks
Beetroot 6 weeks 4 weeks
Green Pepper 11 weeks 8 weeks
Egg Plant (Brinjal) 11 weeks 8 weeks
Chillies 11 weeks 8 weeks
Onions 7 weeks 5 weeks
Maize / Sweetcorn 6 weeks 4 weeks
Cucurbits ( Pumpkin family) 6 weeks 4 weeks

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